Gregory Eltringham
gregory eltringham
November 19 - January 9, 2016
Gutstein Gallery
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Gregory Eltringham iBook
Gregory Eltringham iBook

Eltringham is a painting professor, writer, musician, and practicing artist living and working in Savannah, GA. He is art director and associate editor for the online contemporary art publication, artcore journal, for which he leads an interview series called "Truth or Dare." A factor that continually remains interesting and engaging about Eltringham and his work is that he does not compartmentalize his practice into classroom pedagogy, studio practice, writing; Eltringham blends these factors of his life together seamlessly and has developed a most profound life as a 21st century artist.

Through residencies like the Vermont Studio Center in Vermont, NH and SPAM in Dusseldorf, Germany, Eltringham continues to create a network of peers and critical responders, which keep his work very much in the present. He gains inspiration for his subjects and concepts from the people in his life; friends, family, acquaintances, enemies, and admirers; he allows his themes and sense of place to be wide open, preventing the compositions from rolling back into an autobiographical or nostalgic niche.

Eltringham's provocative large-scale and intimate paintings and drawings entice viewers with a playful repertoire of reoccurring personas and a sumptuous palette that reads of flesh and life regardless of his subjects. In an ongoing prolific series of painted figures and anthropomorphic architectural structures Eltringham creates the spaces one can only dream of, or fear entirely; private sexual encounters, naughty character play, and the post-apocalyptic worlds in which these reside.

Adaptable to a broad range of spaces—white box galleries, intimate domestic settings, and even industrial warehouse-like venues—Eltringham's work continues to evoke new modes and sensibilities each time it is viewed and reinvigorates the environment; enlivening aspects of a space that may have once been overlooked or have been laid dormant. Consequently, in a time when traditional representational painting could easily slip into a hazy malaise, Eltringham's oeuvre cuts through the fog and shines a bright light on contemporary modes of image and mark making.

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